A Bibliography of Theban West Bank Archaeological Sites
  1. General References

  2. Valley of Kings

    A. General

    B. Individual tombs

  3. Valley of the Queens

  4. Mortuary temples

    A. General

    B. Individual temples

    a. Dayr el-Bahari

    b. The Colossi of Memnon (Temple of Amenhotep III)

    c. Temple of Seti I

    d. Ramesseum

    e. Madinet Habu

    f. Other

  5. Tombs of the Nobles and others outside the Valley of Kings and Queens

    A. General

    Kampp has recently added several hundred tombs to the TT inventory, assigning numbers to them that are enclosed in dashes, such as -232- or -345-, which are not to be confused with TT 232 or TT 345. We have not listed Kampp's tombs here, since very few of them are to be found in any bibliographic reference other than Kampp's.

    B. Individual numbered Theban private tombs

    C. Individual lettered Theban private tombs

  6. D. Alphabetic list of private Theban tomb owners

    E. Other tombs

  7. Other West Bank areas

    A. Malqata

    B. Dayr el-Medineh

    C. Other sites

  8. List of abbreviations

  9. Component Parts of Royal Tombs


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