Bibliography for TT 269:  Name missing.

Ramesside Period; Shaykh 'Abd al Qurnah.  May V, VI, E-4, h, 1. (The tomb could not be found, but its entrance may lie in the blocked entry of  Kampp's -299- in the forecourt of TT 125).

Kampp, FrederikeDie thebanischen Nekropole: Zum Wandel des Grabgedankens von der XVIII. bis zur XX. Dynastie (= Theben, 13).  2 vols.  Mainz am Rhein: Verlag Phillip von Zabern, 1966.  P. 542, fig. 151 (p. 259).

Porter, Bertha and Rosalind MossTopographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Text, Reliefs, and Paintings. I, 1. The Theban Necropolis: Private Tombs.  Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1960.  Pp. 349
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