Bibliography for TT 312:  Nespakashuti.

(Ns-P3-q3j š, Espekashuti)  Saite Period, usurpation of a XI Dynasty tomb; Dayr al Bahri, [In forecort and corridor of a Dyn. XI tomb ( = MMA 509).  Map III, C-4, h, 6.

Kampp, FrederikeDie thebanischen Nekropole: Zum Wandel des Grabgedankens von der XVIII. bis zur XX. Dynastie (= Theben, 13).  2 vols.  Mainz am Rhein: Verlag Phillip von Zabern, 1966.  Pp. 572, no description.

Pischikova, Elena.  Reliefs from the Tomb of the Vizier Nespakashuty: Reconstruction, Iconography, and Style.  MMAJ 33 (1998): 57-101.

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Winlock, Herbert E.  Models of Daily Life in Ancient Egypt from the Tomb of Meket-Re' at Thebes (= PMMA, 18).  Cambridge, 1955, Pp.  20-22.

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